📙 Table of Contents 📘
  1. ✌️ V-Bottom 🍑
  2. Sidways Move

🧠 Understand the ✌️ V-Bottom 🍑 in ✡️ Guggenheim Multi-Hedge 💰 2016

📊 Technical Analysis 📈 of the profitable 📈 Uptrend ⬆️ in the ✡️ Guggenheim Multi-Hedge Strategies 💰 Fund (RYMRX) during November 2016, which occurred after a Pointed ✌️ V-Bottom 🍑 or Adam Bottom.

by Albert Clark

1) As It Happened: The ✌️ V-Bottom 🍑 of 04th November 2016

On 4th November 2016 a v-bottom pattern ocurred in RYMRX, the Class C shares (suited for short-term and retail investors) of the Guggenheim Multi-Hedge Strategies fund:

Simple Chart of Guggenheim Multi-Hedge Strategies Fund 
  (RYMRX) as per the Dow Template. Fig.1: V-Bottom in RYMRX. Kindly Click to Enlarge the High-Quality Sector Rotation Chart.

2) Aftermath of the Pattern: Sideways Move

As the RSC was weakening, the price moved sideways after the post-bottom rally and did not cross the prior high.

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