🔌 Copper CFD 🤖 (Daily) #Dow Chart 👱‍♂️

Long Entry Rules (buy lot-wise if you see):
  1. MTF (Multi Time Frame) Commodity Breakouts occur with many tickers for the same commodity and related commodities showing:
  2. Consecutive Highest High Breakouts as rightmost candles cross 50-bar highs on Higher Volumes with
  3. Successive Similar Long Green Candles and
  4. 45-Degree Trendlines can connect candle lows on
  5. Multiple Time-Frames (Hourly, Daily & Weekly).
Short Entry Rules (sell this): Opposite of Long Rules.

Free Live Metal #Commodity Asset Chart of 🔌 Copper Spot CFD 🤖 (XCUUSD) [1-Day Points] @ 💎 AssetCharts 📈

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