📙 Table of Contents 📘
  1. 🏭 Sector Breakout 🎆
  2. 📊 Technical Analysis 📈

👁ī¸ See the đŸ—Ŋ Dow Airlines 🛩ī¸ Sector Breakout of 11th Dec 2012

📊 Technical Analysis 📈 of the profitable 🏭 Sector Breakout 🎆 in the 🎩 Dow Airlines ✈ī¸ Index (DJUSAR) and the North American Airline Sector on 11th December 2012.

by Charles Adams

1) As It Happened: 🏭 Sector Breakout 🎆 in Dow Aluminium

Simple Chart of the DJUSAR Quad as per the Dow Template. Fig: Sector Breakout in the Dow Airlines Quad. Kindly Click to Enlarge the High-Quality Sector Rotation Chart.

2) 📊 Technical Analysis of the Chart 📈

Observe how the entire sector broke out in tandem. Note that as of 31st December 2012, the largest airlines in the world ranked by market cap were as follows:
  1. Delta Air Lines
  2. United Airlines Holdings
  3. IAG (Intl. Consolidated Airlines)
  4. Southwest Airlines
  5. Ryanair
These were followed by Singapore Airlines, Japan Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa, easyJet, Cathay Pacific and ANA Holdings.

Accordingly, as per the proprietary AssetCharts.com Sector Rotation Methodology, we must place the top 3 North American stocks in the three quadrants of the primary Dow Airlines quad, as shown above.

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